At K&N building services we can design and fit your ideal heating system whether it’s just fitting a radiator or if you want a full heating system fitted including the fitting of a boiler, fire, hot water heater or an unvented hot water system.

Our highly qualified installation team will fit any make and model of appliances including boilers, fires, water heaters and unvented hot water systems giving you the heating system you desire.

K&N have recognised qualifications in the fitting of unvented hot water systems / all types of gas appliances and renewable solutions it is highly dangerous for an untrained and unqualified engineer to fit a gas appliance or an unvented hot water system.

An unqualified engineer is also unable to register any heating system whether it’s a boiler, fire or an unvented hot water system with your local building control registering any heating system is a requirement by law.

We guarantee our workmanship for 3 years, and are quick, clean, and professional. We also remove all your old heating system and appliances. This means that you can be confident that the installation of your new heating system will be a hassle-free process.

Whatever your taste K&N building services can give you the heating system that is best for you.